Alteryx Intermediate

April 14th 2020 09:00 - 16:00
1.1.53 Learning Center NN1
This course is the second course in our Alteryx Training Catalogue.

In this course you will learn more advanced topics on how to easily process, clean and blend data in Alteryx without having to program a single line. Focus will be on "prep like a pro" which deals with four different formula tools and their various possibilities in data preparation. In addition focus is on five different parsing tools that help split a column into multiple columns using a delimiter, read XML or Json as well as change data types.You will also be introduced to macro, IN-DB (DataBase) tools and API calls. The training will include hands-on exercises.

The course also goes under the name 'Alteryx Prep Like a Pro 2'.

Suits for you who are not completely new to Alteryx and have made a few workflows, or perhaps have maintained some flows.

This is a standard Inviso course.

Remember to bring your computer, have Alteryx installed and make sure you have a valid license to Alteryx
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Inviso Consultant
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