Nicolaj Sonne

April 15th 2020 10:00 - 11:30
NN1 Auditorium
Topic: The future of technologies powered by data

Nikolaj Sonne tells stories about technology - like television, reading material and live.

He is a trained journalist and was a helmsman on the DR program So ein Ding, which ran from 2009 to 2018. In addition, he has written for Zetland and Euroman. Previously, he was the editor of the gadget magazine Gear and won the award for the nation's best web TV back in 2008.

Nikolaj Sonne is an expert in technology, development, data usage and monitoring. He is one of Denmark's leading IT experts with sharp attitudes and comments on technology, trends and development. In 2011, Nikolaj Sonne received the DR Language Award. Nikolaj Sonne has been praised for his wealth of metaphors, irony and passion, and with this Nikolaj manages to convey live and entertaining content on artificial intelligence, robots, blockchain, bitcoins, drones, self-driving cars, surveillance and much more. Everyone can join, regardless of technological insights.
Nikolaj Sonne avatar
Nikolaj Sonne


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