Tableau Beginner

April 14th 2020 09:00 - 16:00
1.1.49 Learning Center NN1
Mix of Tableau Beginner and Intermediate!

This course suits for you who are new to Tableau and want to combine both courses in one day. It consists of the two standard Inviso courses but compressed into a one day program, so the pace will be a little bit faster than a regular full day course.

Before lunch we go through Tableau 1:
This course you will get an introduction to Tableau and its many possibilities. You will get an introduction to simple visualisations and build them yourself in hands-on exercises.You will also get knowledge about where to find additional resources for improving your Tableau skills. Gives a quick introduction to the tool.

After lunch we go through Tableau 2:
This course is the second course in our Tableau Training Catalogue. In this course you will learn more about using calculated fields in Tableau and how your aggregation level effect your calculations and visualisations. You will also be introduced in how to create parameters and table calculations. Besides that you will learn how to create visual and insightful dashboards.

Make sure you have Tableau installed and a valid license.

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Inviso Consultant


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