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Tableau Intermediate

April 14th 2020 09:00 - 16:00
1.1.48 Learning Center NN1
This course is a combination of Tableau Intermediate and Visualisation Best Practices, with focus on creating meaningful dashboards

Before lunch
We will go through the course material equivalent to Inviso's standard course; Tableau Intermediate. Focusing on calculated fields in Tableau, and how your aggregation level effect your calculations and visualisations. You will also be introduced in how to create parameters and table calculations. Besides that you will learn how to create visual and insightful dashboards.

After lunch
The 2nd half of the day will focus on Tableau visual best practices.
In this course you will learn the basics of visual best practice. The training is based on knowledge about human perception and cognition. The training starts by introducing this knowledge and thereafter provides best practices for design of individual visualisations as well as complete dashboards.

You will learn how to use custom shapes, custom colour palettes and how to organise your dashboard. The training include presentations by an Inviso trainer, group work and individual hands-on exercises. You should attend this course if you are comfortable in Tableau and want to make your dashboards prettier and easier to read.

Suits for you who have made some work in Tableau and want to take it to the next level focusing on the visual part.

This is a standard Inviso course.

Remember to bring your computer, and have Tableau installed with a valid license.
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Inviso Consultant
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