Advertising Week 2014

The world’s premier gathering of marketing & communications leaders. #AWXI - NYC - 9/29 - 10/3/2014. Info & Register at
Education. Inspiration....

Business, Marketing & PR

Advertising Week 2014 29 Sep - 3 Oct 2014 New York, New York, United States
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The world’s premier gathering of marketing & communications leaders. #AWXI - NYC - 9/29 - 10/3/2014. Info & Register at
Education. Inspiration. Connection. Celebration. Innovation.

Through thought-leadership, Advertising Week, at its core, is about education. Leveraging long-term and new relationships, our mission is to consistently give brands, agencies, leaders and individuals the opportunity to inspire the industry. Our networking opportunities during the week are best-in-class. Connections made from Advertising Week have evolved in to long-term business relationships today.

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Company Overview
Education. Inspiration. Connection. Celebration. Innovation.

Since 2004, Advertising Week in New York City continues to be the leading event destination for the advertising and communications industry.

Advertising Week is:

- The largest gathering of advertising and media professionals in the world.
- A week-long celebration of the industry and its people.
- A collection of some of the industry’s best thought leadership -- 200+ seminars/events/social opportunities.
- A forum for elite brands and influencers to share their wisdom and success.
- Exciting nightly concerts featuring top artists.
- A highly-focused opportunity for brands, agencies, technology and individuals to start and/or develop sound relationships.
- An advertising education, where best-practices create the foundation for attendees.
- A wide ranging audience -- from students to educators to well-known executives and celebrities.

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New York, New York, United States


Business, Marketing & PR


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