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A Culture of Agility

October 11th 2019 17:00 - 17:20
Agile is a vast global movement and it’s transforming the world of work. It’s spreading rapidly having kicked off in the world of software development around 2001 – so said Steve Denning in an article in Forbes Magazine titled ‘Explaining Agile’.

While agile was born in software development, industries, organizations, projects, teams, and leaders the world over are seeing the productivity, profitability, customer value and engagement benefits to adopting an agile mindset.

If you’re about to embark on a journey to agile, at some point you’ll probably be ‘agile-ish’. You’ll be thinking and doing some of the things that successful agile teams and organizations do.

As with all journeys, projects, and experiments, it might not all go to plan or as smoothly as you’re hoping. And how you respond to that is what makes for an agile mindset.

Agile-ish acknowledges that the gifts of imperfection are incredible learning experiences; that, the benefits of getting momentum outweigh the time spent over-planning; and that delivering value to customers is what makes 21st Century businesses successful.
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Lynne Cazaly
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