Building high performance teams - Do you have imposters? image

Building high performance teams - Do you have imposters?

October 8th 2019 13:00 - 13:20
Agile Organizations are made up of high performing teams and we cannot create high performing teams if we cannot identify the imposters in the team. Imposter syndrome famously coined by Geoff Watts in the book "The Coach's Case Book" refers to the individuals who are worried that they are not good enough for the roles they are currently in and are going to be found out soon. I would like to add another dimension to the imposter syndrome, this is in reference to the individuals in the team who claim themselves to be much better than what they actually and are not afraid that they could be found out. The talk looks to address ways and means to identify the presence of either type of people in the team and how to transform them to make the team high performing.
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Nivarti Jayaram
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