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Lean In Agile (LIVE)

October 11th 2019 16:00 - 17:00
Leveraging Agility for Gender Diversity -- open to all, as allies and advocates

We know and continue to improve our expertise in applying Agile values, principles, and practices to build self-organized teams, innovative products and learning organizations. But what other outcomes could we create for ourselves and for each other using the same knowledge base?

What if we as women could empower ourselves and each other while facilitating organizational diversity to shape healthier ecosystems for all?

That’s the value proposition for “Lean In Agile for women”-- to increase the value and visibility of women not just in the Lean and Agile communities, but in the world beyond.

Explore new variations and applications of familiar knowledge in this experiential session that has been designed to provide new perspectives on ourselves, our experiences and each other.

Share experiences on barriers that represent additional challenges for women as we navigate changing the business landscape as well as our personal hurdles. Then discover how we can help each other to overcome internalized barriers and partners to remove structural barriers.

You will leave this session with action items that you can incorporate in your personal learning backlog or bring back to your organization its enterprise backlog.
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Padmini Nidumolu
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