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The Third Decade of Agile

October 8th 2019 10:00 - 10:20
Agile for me started in ’99 when at a developer conference in Munich there was great excitement about an XP talk being given by Martin Fowler. Since then Agile has spread and crossed the chasm at both the team and enterprise level. There is a shifting in the Agile focus from “developing software” to “realizing value.” Business Agility and Agile at scale are the issues now.
But in many ways, we’re still using the approaches of the last two decades to solve the problems of the third. But as Einstein observed - "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” The Agile community has become the very community it needs to overcome.
With Agile going to the enterprise it must both scale across (everyone is using it) and up and down the value stream, from strategy to realization of value.
This talk with discussing:
• The need to focus on business agility
• Why we need a double shift in mindset. First to scientific, systems thinking approach. The second to a focus on our work itself instead of frameworks which attempt to improve how we do our work.
• Why using operating models instead of frameworks can accelerate the adoption of Agile
• The need for scaled learning and flipped-classroom methods to accommodate the increase in numbers of people needing Agile training and coaching
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Al Shalloway
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