Why you need to use a product roadmap to drive agile strategy image

Why you need to use a product roadmap to drive agile strategy

October 9th 2019 14:00 - 14:20
Product roadmaps are powerful tools for strategic communication. We aren't just talking about a Gantt chart, we're talking about a 1-page document that centers your team on the why, what, and thematic how of your product.

Too many product team members are lost when it comes to knowing why you're building what you building and how prioritization decisions are made. This not only makes for poorer products, but it increases the time it takes to build the right thing.

When you understand the recipe to creating and socializing product strategy with a roadmap, you will have clear next steps to answer questions like:

How do I move this project forward?
How do I get everyone on the same page?
How do we get the team moving quickly?

My session will review why a roadmap is important, a clear template for creating one, and tips to use/pitfalls to avoid as you better use a 1-page strategic roadmap to accelerate your team.

I've championed roadmaps at larger companies (like LinkedIn) and smaller venture-backed ones (like Degreed). I wrote a pillar article about this at https://blog.sprintwell.com/product-roadmap/ with downloadable templates that I can share after the session.
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Ryan Seamons
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