Ted Young


nikos batsios

agile coach
Markus Huehn avatar

Markus Huehn

Product Owner
Chad Beier avatar

Chad Beier

Organizational Agility Advisor | Professional Scrum Trainer
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Mahmoud Maghrabi

Co Founder at Chalkifi
Tom Henricksen avatar

Tom Henricksen

Technology Professional
Chris Murman avatar

Chris Murman

Opinions on mobile technology, agile methodologies, and the meeting of both.
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ToRhonda ITILv3

Agile Coach at UCB-Global Mobility & Digital Solutions
Missing avatar

Chris Foley

Agile Coach, EMEA Development Centre at Johnson & Johnson Technology
Christian Delez avatar

Christian Delez

Balaji.M 762 avatar

Balaji.M 762

Agile Coach
Missing avatar

Paulo Fontes

Software Engineer at Siemens Gamesa Renewables
Missing avatar

Mariana Csankova

Quality Manager at Siemens s.r.o., Corporate Technology Development Services
Missing avatar

Amit Butail

Sr. Manager Business Excellence at CGI
Paul Henman avatar

Paul Henman

Agile coach

Dörte Schröder

Missing avatar

Nivarti ITIL-F

Service Veteran, UN Peace Keeper, Coach, Avid reader, thought leader exploring new technologies & practices

Kubra Ayvaz

Software Developer
Vasco Duarte avatar

Vasco Duarte

Agile Coach, Scrum Master, CEO, Podcast host

Julian Bolton

Scrum Master (CSM) at Computershare
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