Embracing Business Agility

October 12th 2018 20:00 - 20:30

Your organization is pushing for increased business agility, but what do they mean? It is not about switching to an Agile SDLC. Business agility requires a different approach to responding to and managing change across your organization. It requires teams to think and act differently.

Eckman Guides: http://EckmanGuides.com

Embracing Business Agility: https://youtu.be/jwfyDv3pCbE

Hans Eckman avatar
Hans Eckman

Hans Eckman has proven you can turn mild ADD, OCD, and other personality disorders into a successful career. He shares his life simplification tips at conferences throughout the US and Canada and on his website EckmanGudies.com. At SunTrust Bank, he established three different Centers of Excellence...


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