Here's why we are all control freaks and what you can do about it

October 10th 2018 22:00 - 22:30

Control freaks. We've either called someone that name or been the recipient of that moniker. Chris used to think it was a personality trait only a few possessed. Often reserved for someone who can't seem to let go of the steering wheel, or listen to the advice of others with an open mind. These are the people that are resistant to change and our harshest critics.
Those assumptions were proven wrong after reading The Control Heuristic. Chris learned that control was a tool that is used by everyone to manage our discomfort in situations. That we are governed by our subconscious in subtle ways and are always concerned with emotional comfort.
Learning all that helped Chris see clients in a new light, and he would like to share what he learned. By seeing this behavior in a new light, he was able to start meeting people where they were at in the moment and partner with them in the journey to change. The book's author helps present change in a way that can allow others to be more comfortable with it.
Come explore this topic as Chris presents his findings. By discussing control and the reasons we exercise it, he believes we can understand better ways to help teams be comfortable with change.

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Here's why we are all control freaks and what you can do about it:

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Chris Murman

Chris Murman's first job out of college was the weekend sports anchor at an NBC affiliate. If he had only known what was in store!
Interestingly enough, he still loves telling the stories of others every day. Each interaction is an opportunity to learn what made you unique, and understand where you...


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