How lean and agile saved a hospital

October 9th 2018 18:00 - 18:30

The roof has crumbled, you don’t have money to pay the salaries, and you are losing money with every patient that comes through the door. “That’s not the right time to think about Lean, or kanban, or Agile!” I hear you say? Thankfully Marcus was there and could help the Bungsu Hospital team get out of the crisis they were in without training anyone or doing countless presentations to leadership. The tools and methods Marcus applied in this real-life story will also help you reshape the way you work, and continuously improve your organization.
The Bungsu Story: is a fascinating account of a real-life crisis, and how Agile, Lean and kanban saved the Hospital from bankruptcy! Twice!

How lean and agile saved a hospital:

Marcus Hammarburg avatar
Marcus Hammarburg

For 15 years Marcus Hammarberg has been doing agile and lean software development and helping others do it. He has worked in many different settings, from big banks and insurance companies, to start-ups and within retail. At one big insurance company, the first agile team, started by Marcus, eventu...


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