Organizational Agility Is Changing...Forever

October 12th 2018 18:00 - 18:30

What will organizations in the future look like? How will they remain relevant and avoid becoming comfortable in their new status quo? Moving towards a state of agility is about painful, incremental change. As organizations become “agile”, they soon realize that “agile” wasn’t an end state.
Agility today (and definitely in the future) will not simply be about how quickly our currently structured organization can respond to change effectively. Agility of the future will be how quickly an organization can restructure itself to learn new things, innovate, and change direction on a dime.
This talk is focused on change and why some organizations can change more effectively. If you want to be “agile” in the marketplace, you may have to first change how you approach…”change”. Organizations that increase their “change agility” will be the survivors that shape our rapidly changing world.

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Organizational Agility Is Changing...Forever:

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Chad Beier

I work with all levels of the organization to optimize your business to respond to change. I am passionate about moving organizations and people closer to agility.My first experience with "agile", Scrum specifically, was in 2005. I was part of a global transformation team responsible for software c...


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