Situational Scrum Mastering

October 9th 2018 16:00 - 16:30

My introduction and how I got to know about agile.
- Instances I have tackled in teams to implement agile
- Agile is all about having a cultural shift within teams more than implementing a methodology
- How dev teams behaved when they were introduced to scrum
- The power of helping teams make this mental shift is within the hands of scrum master
- How scrum master can implement situational scrum mastering.
- 4 types of team and related implementation: if they are able/unable, willing/unwilling
- How team motivation is part of the job of a scrum master.

Situational Scrum Mastering:

Yogyata Mehtani avatar
Yogyata Mehtani

I am an Agile practitioner who encourages modern Business analysis and project management. I advocate team encouragement and culture to gain confidence as an Agile team. I have made my path through business analysis, requirement engineering towards Agile which helped me add value to my skills. Now ...


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