Spotify Model

October 11th 2018 16:00 - 16:30

Often we find ourselves looking for that silver bullet that will magically change everything for the better. One of those silver bullets being talk about in the agile community is the Spotify Model. Too often something that starts off valuing the things on the left of the agile manifesto, is adopted by others as a process without the mindset and then become closer to aligning to the items on the right. Join me for a discussion on what the Spotify Model is and things to consider before taking that silver bullet.


Spotify Model:

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Jeff Bubolz

My goal is to make work not suck, as an agile coach I transforms organizations through setting up an environment of continuous improvement and learning. I use authenticity and the kind truth to align organizations to be more responsive and adaptive to change. I nudge people and organizations to b...


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