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Doc Norton

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leebrandt 926

Developer Advocate

Mark Kilby

Claude Emond avatar

Claude Emond

Organizational Agility, Innovation, Benefits Realization Management - Owner Quali-Scope Inc. - TransformAgility Group
Hoang Huynh avatar

Hoang Huynh

Experience Designer

nikos batsios

agile coach

Michael Wallace

Scrum Master / Agile Coach

Studio2Mpls 380

Markus Huehn avatar

Markus Huehn

Product Owner
Chad Beier avatar

Chad Beier

Organizational Agility Advisor | Professional Scrum Trainer
Tom Henricksen avatar

Tom Henricksen

Technology Professional
Ralph Roosmalen avatar

Ralph Roosmalen

Innovative Agile Enabler | Management 3.0 Facilitator | Management Coach | Agile Coach | Scrum Master
Missing avatar

Kent McDonald

Writer and Product Manager
Chris Murman avatar

Chris Murman

Opinions on mobile technology, agile methodologies, and the meeting of both.
David Horowitz avatar

David Horowitz

Co-Founder and CEO
Missing avatar

Jason Little

Chief Bot Wrangler
Missing avatar

Jürgen Smet

Your Chief Simplification Officer ➸ Hire me to achieve more with less ☕ LeSS, Innovation Games®, Management 3.0, Scrum
Missing avatar

Lisette Sutherland

Big Cheese
Missing avatar

Jesse Fewell

Author, Speaker, Coach
Missing avatar

Marshall Guillory

Author, SAFe SPC4, Enterprise Agility Coach
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