Business Agility: Necessity or New Buzzphrase?

November 2nd 2017 18:00 - 18:30

Sometimes we behave like businesses didn’t exist before the agile manifesto was created in 2001. 4 simple values and 12 timeless principles seemed to have woken up the world to look at why our business exists in the first place, and how we can best serve our customers. Throughout history, all businesses have figured out a way to thrive, and they’ll continue to do so long after ‘agile’ dies. Today the word ‘agile’ brings so much baggage that we’ve needed to invent a new term, ‘business agility’, to remind us that 'agile' isn’t the point, and it has never been. In this interview, I share my observations about the state of agile, why business agility is important today, and why it’s helping us re-focus as a community of practitioners.



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Jason Little

Author of Lean Change Management, organizer, Happy Melly Mastermind, speaker, dad, and drummer. The maker of jokes, sarcastic meter set on high.


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