De-Scaling the Organization for True Agility

November 3rd 2017 16:00 - 16:30

Before, during and after an Agile adoption or any kind of Lean transformation, large organizations often find that they need to de-scale and simplify organizational structures and processes.
We get there by addressing specific pain points in the system so we can learn to enable emergent solutions. For example:
➸ Horizontal complexity- consolidating functions across the enterprise
➸ Vertical complexity - shedding obsolete roles, layers and reporting structures
➸ Spatial complexity - preparing distributed teams for success
Organizations achieve greater alignment with fewer dependencies left to manage. Transparency with access to good data ensures empirically-sound decision making. As a result, the system becomes leaner, more customer-centric and ready with each successive change wave to build its greatest products yet.


Jurgen De Smet avatar
Jurgen De Smet

Your Chief Simplification Officer ➸ Hire me to achieve more with less ☕ LeSS, Innovation Games®, Management 3.0, Scrum


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