Organizational structure the rock that agility is built on

October 30th 2017 14:00 - 14:30

Does it seem like you are fighting an uphill battle or have plateaued in your agile journey to become more responsive and adaptive to change? Do you have the right organizational structure in place to support the behaviors you want?
Agile is not an “IT thing” - it has much more to do with how your organization is structured into teams. Organizations generally focus on behaviors, policies, and tools to help them gain agility but don’t change their environment to support agility.
As organizations grow and look for ways to scale they need to focus on creating an organizational structure that will nurture agility and enable continuous improvement. This talk focuses on organizational structure that will cultivate and sustain agility.


Konrad Hajdukiewicz avatar
Konrad Hajdukiewicz

I am on a journey to change the world one organization at a time. I draw my passion from making positive impact on people's lives. I do that by sharing my knowledge and experience gained as an agile coach and trainer. As an idealist, I see everything that can be. I set the bar really high and striv...
Jeff Bubolz avatar
Jeff Bubolz

My goal is to make work not suck, as an agile coach I transforms organizations through setting up an environment of continuous improvement and learning. I use authenticity and the kind truth to align organizations to be more responsive and adaptive to change. I nudge people and organizations to b...
Chad Beier avatar
Chad Beier

I am passionate about helping organizations continuously improve. My intentions are to help you focus energy on possibilities - not problems - and to be authentic in all interactions. Wherever you are at on your journey I encourage you to challenge the status quo! Rock the boat! Speak up! I am exci...


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