Storytelling as a tool

November 3rd 2017 18:00 - 18:30

Tom and Tom discussed the power of storytelling to help product managers, owners, and team to understand each other and develop empathy. Storytelling might seem like just something that you do when you are making a presentation or explaining the current status. Storytelling might even seem a little old fashion, yet it seems to be an integral part of the human experience. Stories establish a vision of where we want a journey to end and for how we want to make the journey. Stories provide a rich context and the emotional power needed to help guide a team as they work through the process of writing, testing and demonstrating code. Starting at the beginning, if we think stories are valuable then we need to embrace using storytelling as a tool to develop understanding.




Thomas Cagley avatar
Thomas Cagley

Mr. Cagley is Premios Group’s Vice President of Consulting. Tom leads DCG’s Agile and Process Improvement practices. He is experienced in transforming complex organization based on culturally relevant practices ranging from Agile, Lean or CMMI. His wide range of experience in the estimation space r...


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