Agile Singapore Conference 2014

The Agile Conference in Singapore

Software, Technology

Agile Singapore Conference 2014 12-14 Nov 2014 Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore, Singapore
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The placebo effect is a startling reminder of the power our minds have over our perceived reality. Now cognitive scientists tell us that this is only a small part of what our minds can do. Research has identified what I like to call "an agile mindset," an attitude that equates failure and problems with opportunities for learning, a belief that we can all improve over time, that our abilities are not fixed but evolve with effort.

What's surprising about this research is the impact of an agile mindset on creativity and innovation, estimation, and collaboration in and out of the workplace.

I'll relate what's known about this mindset and share some practical suggestions that can help all of us become even more agile.

From: November 12, 2014 08:00
To: November 14, 2014 16:30

Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, 018956, Singapore, Singapore


Software, Technology


agile, extreme programming, lean, scrum



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