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The people formerly known as the audience …

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The people formerly known as the audience …

People have transformed the way they interact with arts and culture in recent years:

* Advances in technology have led to new platforms to develop, deliver, and talk about art and cultural experiences.

* Audiences have become artists and collaborators
- the democratisation of artistic production and distribution has led to a shift from consumption to participation.

* The audience has become the critic and the journalist
- a media-savvy public have increasingly turned away from trusting adverts and PR and look to their friends, family and social networks for recommendations.
* The audience has become the funder
- with cuts in traditional grant income, many cultural organisations are increasingly reliant on friends and membership schemes, individual giving, high level donors, and crowd funding to seek additional income streams.

*And, of course, the audience is also still an audience
- central to our marketing, as visitors, readers, participants, ticket buyers, and consumers appreciating the cultural experiences we provide.

This web of relationships that we (arts, culture and heritage organisations) have with the public is changing the way we work - across and between marketing, audience development, press and PR, artistic development, fundraising etc. – in fact there are implications for every single department in within our organisations.

This conference will bring together over 500 arts and culture professionals to share learning about how to adapt our organisations, to refocus on audiences’ needs and desires, and to consider how we can become more relevant and meaningful to the people formerly known as the audience

From: July 22, 2014 00:00
To: July 24, 2014 23:59

Colston Hall, Colston St, BS1 5AR, United Kingdom


Art, Marketing & PR


Cultural Experiences, Develop, Technology

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