An introduction to Leader Transformation

15 July 2015, London, United Kingdom

We are pleased to be bringing to London a special leadership development training opportunity to be delivered by Peter Cooper from Advanced Dynamics.

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International organisational transformation - please connect if interested!


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Benjamin Taylor

International organisational transformation - please connect if interested!

An introduction to Leader Transformation – a day of invaluable training
We are pleased and excited to be bringing to London a special leadership development training opportunity, all the way from Australia, to be delivered by one of RedQuadrant’s long-standing collaborators, Peter Cooper from Advanced Dynamics.
What’s the course? Introduction to Leader TransformationWhen and where will it be happening? 15 July 2015, at our head office in Vauxhall.
What’s it all about? This training package is an excellent introduction to the Practice of System Leadership, viewed from a leadership development perspective.
Put simply, it gives leaders in transformation extra skills to improve and develop their leadership.
Can you give me some more detail? This proven day of training provides a means for leaders to deal more effectively with the impact of holding a leadership role in a transformation. It also begins to make a bridge to developing their practice in organisational transformation.
Why should I be there? Who else is going to be there?This day should appeal to all senior leaders in positions at least two levels removed from the client, or one level removed from direct operational leadership.
We have successfully trained Managers, General Managers, Directors and many other senior employees who find themselves leading transformation projects, perhaps for the first time.
Who will benefit most from this course? Leaders of service or business transformation projects in all sectors will find this course invaluable.
What are the key components of the day? The key question that underpins the day – and will be answered – is whether attendees have fully considered and prepared themselves for the need for personal development to help them cope with the leadership challenges they face. The leader development framework provided will help them to:

Understand themselves and the way that their behaviour impacts on others
Understand how others make sense of what is happening - a framework to use to help them understand how others might be experiencing service transformation
An understanding of their own developmental journey
Develop a practice of personal development that provides the means to enhance their rate of development
Appreciation of the three levels of feedback and the nature of triple-loop learning and how they can use that to drive their own development
Some practical tools to use in tackling systems challenges that come from double loop learning
Understanding of the practical application of these frameworks and tools
Provide the opportunity for ongoing support

What does the day require of me? The course sets challenges to stimulate thinking and catalyse effective learning. Participants will be asked to deal with thinking that goes beyond just process, which will equip them well to create constructive conditions in their day to day transformational leadership challenges.
How much does the day cost? As this is the first time we are bringing this exciting course to the UK, we are offering the day to all participants at a special price of £495 + VAT, a reduction from the standard cost of £795.
What else do I get from the day? The course, and the price, includes a personal development pathway profile.
About Advanced DynamicsAdvanced Dynamics is a community of Associates who share a commitment to fostering learning personally, and in others. We work with people to build capable organisations, helping both to realise their full potential. By helping leaders build well-functioning, ethically based organisations, Advanced Dynamics makes a tangible contribution to creating positive societal outcomes.

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