AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: San Francisco

6-7 May 2017, San Francisco, United States

Madison Andermahr avatar

Madison Andermahr

Breeze Zhao avatar

Breeze Zhao

James Kaguyutan avatar

James Kaguyutan

UX/UI Design & Investigative Research
Ryan Lindskog avatar

Ryan Lindskog

Rauhmel Fŏx) avatar

Rauhmel Fŏx)


Nicolas Doyen

Missing avatar

Zach Moore

Interaction Designer/Hackathon Enthusiast
Harris Leow avatar

Harris Leow

Missing avatar

Melvin Ch'ng

Timothy Wu avatar

Timothy Wu

Missing avatar

Md Islam

NodeJS | React | MongoDB | Redis | RabbitMQ | Docker | AWS | Scala | Apache Spark
Vasu Jain avatar

Vasu Jain

Missing avatar

Shaunak Kale

Student at Wilcox High School
Jose Guzman avatar

Jose Guzman

Afif Syed avatar

Afif Syed

Missing avatar

Kushlani PhD

Software Engineer|Physicist|Contemporary Artist
Michael Snowden avatar

Michael Snowden

Missing avatar

Julie Bao

George Yudin avatar

George Yudin

Product Manager
Madhav Datt avatar

Madhav Datt

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