ANLP Certified Practitioner of NLP - Spring 2014 (for Diploma holders)

NLP Practitioner Training (ANLP and INHNLP Certified)

This is an 8 day training for those who have already completed the Sugar NLP Diploma in NLP.

Module 1: Thursday 15th May - ...

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NLP Practitioner Training (ANLP and INHNLP Certified)

This is an 8 day training for those who have already completed the Sugar NLP Diploma in NLP.

Module 1: Thursday 15th May - Sunday 18th May 2013

Module 2: Thursday 5th June - Friday 8th June 2013

A comprehensive NLP Training for coaches, counselors, teachers, therapists, health care professionals, and Individuals wanting self development and personal growth.

Is it for me? Yes, if any of the following are true;

You ever feel frustrated by a lack of progress working with others or held back by not having enough tools and approaches.

You already have skills and experience but you feel less confident without the right formal certification.

You know that staying up to date is important and don’t want to be left behind in the latest advances.

You’ve been experiencing challenges or decision points in your own life that have mean it’s time to invest in yourself.

The Sugar NLP Practitioner program is a comprehensive training where you will learn NLP and it’s applications for excellence in communication, change and understanding yourself and others. This training will give you:

More strategies to help the people you work with.

Certification as a Practitioner of NLP

More confidence doing the work that you do

Opportunities to make changes in your own life, to unlock your potential and be happier and more fulfilled.

The following solutions are designed for individual growth and effectiveness………

How useful would it be to learn the real secrets to mastery by being able to pay attention to minimal clues and notice split-level communication?

Imagine if you could know a person's unconscious response to something before they knew it!

What if you knew there are only 3 simple steps to rapidly build rapport with anyone (in person or on the phone)?

Discover hidden language patterns to elegantly lead a person or group to a more useful state or feeling.

What if you could learn the linguistic tools of hypnosis, as modelled from the legend Milton Erickson, and use these to persuade, influence and appeal to emotions?

Learn how to calibrate to your own and someone else's state and build a firm foundation for emotional intelligence.

What if you could have the most useful beliefs for learning, change and ethical influence?

And, you could discover how our personal reality is created and how it influences our feelings and actions in our everyday life.

Gain the understanding of how our behaviours are governed by our state at that moment.

Uncover 3 simple questions that will unlock the art of conversation; how to discover detail, explore values and resolve conflict

Learn the 7 steps to help yourself or someone else focus and achieve what it is they really want in the future

What if you could create a positive state or feeling to use in any context you choose

Learn the Meta Model which contains the most powerful questions to help a person be specific and expand their map of the world

If you could change a feeling you have in a particular context what would you choose? Learn how you can do this with guaranteed results.

Discover how people internally code their experience of the world, the 3 common preferences people have and use this to communicate more effectively, build rapport and influence with success.

Learn the unconscious patterns that give away how someone is thinking.

Learn how to craft stories and create metaphors for unconscious communication.

How useful would it be to know the 6 areas to align individuals and organisations.

Sky rocket your coaching and change work by discovering the quickest way to make changes (for yourself or others) by recoding experiences in how they are stored.

Discover how to change unwanted feelings about a situation, problem or certain foods.

Learn the simple process for changing an old limiting belief and replacing it with a new empowering belief.

Permanently remove an unwanted phobia. This will set you apart from most psychologists and psychiatrists simply because you'll have the tools to actually make a difference and rewire patterns to change a phobic response.

Gain a tool to help someone resolve relationship issues and have insights about other points of view to aid decision-making & leadership.

Learn how to discover unconscious patterns for how a person gets the results they do, how they make decisions, how they become convinced of something and apply this to making changes and communicating more effectively.

Create motivation for a personal identity upgrade or to carry out a particular behaviour.

What if you could have 2 conversational techniques to assist someone in changing their mind or thinking differently.

Discover how to build trust and communication between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Change an unwanted habit, symptom or behaviour by utilising unconscious creativity.

Increase personal congruence and enhance energy levels by addressing internal conflict

How you can ethically and ecologically apply NLP in your work Leading People - NLP Coaching - Effective Relationships - Persuasion & Influence

Discover how you store time and remove blocks from the past

How to create a strong conscious and unconscious commitment towards a future goal.

How is the training delivered?

The 8 day Practitioner Training is delivered in 2 modules (each 4 days).

What are the pre-requisites?


What Certification will I receive?

Upon successful completion of the course and the certification criteria you will receive ‘Practitioner of NLP’ Certification from the Association of NLP (ANLP) and The International Institute of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (INHNLP). For those who have completed the NLP Diploma training program additional certification is available through the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA).

What are the certification criteria?

The certification process follows the guidelines from the major schools of NLP. Certification takes place during the final 2 days of each course and involves demonstrating proficiency in NLP skills and abilities with underpinning knowledge of NLP principles and techniques.

The most powerful form of communication is behaviour

Successful participants receive a NLP Practitioner Certificate from The Association of NLP (ANLP) and The International Institute of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (INHNLP).

What is included?

8 days of inspiring and meaningful training that will give you real NLP skills.

Certification from ANLP and INHNLP

Full Colour 130 page Training Manual

Instruction from Neal and Ben (both experienced Trainers and Coaches)

On-course 1:1 advice, support and coaching

Post-course support and development