APEX | All Payments Expo

3-5 Mar 2014, Las Vegas, US

All Payments Expo is the annual meeting place for payments professionals focused on areas of growth and convergence in payments.

Andy O'Dell


Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen


Founder, CEO of Ripple Labs - Creators of the Ripple Protocol

Ed Labry


Fred Brothers


Steve Ely


Arjan Schütte


APEX is the only event strategically designed to build the future of payments' role in alternative banking, omnichannel retail and emerging technologies. APEX's focus isn't diluted with every trend in payments - every session, speaker and topic was chosen to strategically help you meet the partners who will take your company forward towards a more tech-driven, mobile marketplace.

A taste of the NEW Expo experience for 2014:

1. New Durbin Rules

The fate of Durbin's rules on interchange and swipe fees is being hotly debated and contested by stakeholders ranging from retailers to the Fed. The proposed rules would leave networks and issuing banks in the lurch, leading the industry on the precipice of a major shift in the next decade.

2. New Players Disintermediating the Value Chain

A flood of new players have elbowed their way into the transaction flow, cutting off institutions that have traditionally been major players. It's still early days for these players, which include mPOS, certain wallets and merchant acquiring players - leaving time for your to strategize your positioning in the new landscape.

3. New Regulatory and Compliance Issues

Attack your regulatory roadblocks and compliance hang-ups in one place. At APEX, you'll be able to hear from and interact with the policymakers who are shaping the environment, including the CFPB, Treasury and law enforcement agencies. You'll hear the latest in new accounting rules, how to eliminate fraud risks from your programs in the wake of a widespread, headline-fetching fraud ring in 2013, and insight into consumer-based concerns over electronic payroll cards.

4. New Ways to Maximize Your Engagement with Customers

With customers expecting to find their preferred brands and merchants in both the mobile and desktop environment, merchants must create frictionless shopping environments across a variety of devices, make decisions about investments at the POS, navigate the wallet waters without a proven winner and find partners' who won't hold their customers' data hostage. You'll hear from retailers who've employed multi-pronged omnichannel retail strategies to maximize their interaction with the customer.

5. New Banking Paradigms

As banks look for ways to tap new markets and make up for squeezed margins and lost fee-generated revenue, a flood of alternative players have set the tone for an all-out competition for the average checking customer. Innovations like RDC and P2P have been game-changers for stickiness; now, we dive into the newest innovations that are wooing customers, such as PFM.

6. More Variety in Attendees

Uncover market potential and spark new partnerships by meeting executives charged with innovating retail banking channels, creating the next payments rail, building omnichannel retail strategies (from loyalty to mobile commerce initiatives) and more. With our partneingONE software, you will get to see detailed information on each player including - product offering, strategy, operating areas, so you can target exactly who is right for your business.

7. Ways to Innovate Your Prepaid Business

There are more opportunities than ever before for prepaid-centered attendees. Prepaid is serving as the bedrock for innovations across myriad channels, from mobile shopping to virtual currency, government programs to gifting. You'll meet scores of new potential partners all three days.

8. Private Meeting Rooms For All Attendees

Any meeting booked through our exclusive partneringONE platform, is guaranteed a private meeting room. Through partneringONE, you'll be able to find and vet potential partners weeks before the event begins based off a detailed profile of 50+ data points. Request meetings beforehand to maximize your ROI. Once your meetings are accepted, you'll receive a personalized itinerary - including an assigned meeting room.

9. Deeper Content Dives

The challenges facing the myriad of different stakeholders means previously unrelated industries will soon converge and form partnerships. To boost the conversation between you and your fellow attendees, we've deepened our tracks to include think tank-style discussions and interactions with end buyers and innovators on every deep-dive lab.

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