Art & Tech Launch

We’ve decided to bring together people from the worlds of art and tech, and on the 12th september we’re having the official launch of the Art & Tech Incubator.

12 Sep 2014 at Njalsgade 19D, København, Danmark

Art, Technology

Art & Tech Launch 12 Sep 2014 Njalsgade 19D, København, Danmark
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What is the project Art & Tech?
Art & Tech is a project to bridge the gaps between the world of Art and the world of Tech in and around Copenhagen and on September 12th we're celebrating the official launch of the project from 13.00-15.00.

Art & Tech is an umbrella for the art people, the tech people, and everyone in between, in and around Copenhagen. Art & Tech will throughout the year, bring together these people together to explore each other's fields and find common ground. The Art & Tech network consists of many members and locations which all tie-in together to create Events & Workshops, to offer Services and Knowledge through Hubs, and to offer places to work at Co-Working Spaces. Art & Tech is not just the four consortia members, but is a wide network of people creating these activities and spaces; and those participating in them.

Our goal:
To establish and grow the Art & Tech community in Copenhagen, bringing together these two domains, and offering a common platform on which to exchange information, and events to bring people together who might otherwise not have a chance to meet.

How will we do this
We want to find all the intriguing people in the Art&Tech environment (you)
We will bring together everyone through a series of meetings, events and workshops at various locations representing the Art & Tech community
We will persuade you into, interacting, sharing, inspiring, eating, drinking and having fun.

What will happen September 12th, 13.00-15.00
We are inviting all of our partners from these worlds to join us and meet everyone in Art & Tech:

Find out how you can participate
Learn about funding opportunities for your events, business or projects
Get new ideas to experiment and play with
Find short cuts to radically innovate your business
Do something amazing and innovative with one another!
We’ll also be launching the Art & Tech online platform
There will also be appetizers and champagne served, so we can celebrate properly!


13.00 - Intro and welcome

13.15 - Pitch & Play

13.45 - Champagne and a special fusion moon ice!

14.15 - Introduction to the Art & Tech Platform

14.25 - Fundraising opportunities

14.50 - Outtro

Who to invite?
The project is currently supported by the Municipality of Copenhagen but in a year from now it will have to be sustained by resources we generate on basis of other means such as sponsors and project funding. For that reason the team's effort this year will focus on:
Getting everyone in the field of art and tech to be interested and using that expression of interest to find external resources.
Make what happens in the ecosystem more visible.
Test and document the art and tech cross sector innovation actions.
Invite a network of partners across Europe and the rest of the world to join.
Use the chance we got from the Municipality of Copenhagen to ramp into EU innovation funding.
Document the feasibility of the Art and Tech as an incubator in the widest sense where focus is services not just in one location but the entire eco-system

Anyone interested in these aims should join. When you join, you are a partner – and you have a say in the future of art and tech in Copenhagen, and beyond. You're most welcome to invite your network.

The Art & Tech team, so far...
Founders House
Zenia W. Francker, General Manager
Emma Arfelt, Operations Manager

Founders House is a shared workspace for ambitious technology startups and experienced tech entrepreneurs. We like to see it as a tribe of startups building companies side by side and helping each other succeed.

Center for Kultur- og Oplevelsesøkonomi
Søren Würtz, Chief Consultant
Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, CEO

CKO’s mission is to improve the conditions for growth through better collaboration between the business and cultural sectors, including strengthening the cultural sector’s business skills

Illutron, Collaborative Interactive Arts Studio
Christian Liljedahl, Artist

illutron challenges the status quo, re-imagining technology, art, interaction and playfulness through the creation of both large scale interactive art and smaller, thoughtful and often playful, art installations.

IdemoLab, DELTA
Vanessa J. Carpenter, Interaction & Electronic Sketching Specialist
DELTA is a GTS institute with IdemoLab specializing in the early design phases using electronics as a design material and running the Open Electronics Lab at Republikken. &

From: September 12, 2014 13:00
To: September 12, 2014 15:00

Njalsgade 19D, 19D Njalsgade, 2300, København, Danmark


Art, Technology

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+45 25139267

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