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[CONF] First Cloud (APJ-1231)

by DidierGirard

"Cloud First" is the way of thinking as a company hosting its first data, but not exclusively, on the cloud. This requires the ability to have an information facilitating the exchange of data between cloud datacenters and private datacenters system. The presentation will be illustrated by concrete examples.

Cloud #Plateforme #API #BigData #Mobile

[CONF] Designing a mobile app that takes 5 million visits per month (JIQ-2195)

by JulienCarnelos

Based on a real case in the regional daily press, this presentation will show you what are the principles of architecture to meet to develop and maintain a / Android / Windows Phone 8 mobile applications park native iOS we will see the different stages of the building a common base and generic-resistant load and scalable. We also discuss hybrid solutions, management server-side, taking into account the mobile network and the difficulties encountered.

[CONF] MongoDB Internals: The life of a writing and replication ... (KOU-5074)

by Tugdual Grall

During this presentation you will discover the inner workings of replication and MongoDB Replica Set. We follow the life cycle of writing, of his arrival on the primary server and replication on the secondary nodes and finally his return to the primary - when using a Write Concern. We discuss in particular the techniques used by MongoDB to ensure the write while continuing to meet the demands of the application.

[CONF] Ruby Today (SIV-0970)

by Damian Le Nouaille

A presentation on the state of the art development Ruby. The conference will list the recent changes in the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework. We will also discuss the tooling, testing and debug. We will also see aspects of the deployment by listing the different techniques depending on the chosen accommodation (AWS, Heroku, Private server). The bad points of Ruby will also be addressed: RAM usage, competition, "ultra dynamic." A list of resources and best practices will also be given in addition to the presentation.

During the talk, questions will be asked at the hearing (live) with a WebSocket URL connected to the projector for answers in live).

[HANDS-ON] Code me a Domain Driven Design in Java (GFH-6087)

by Nicolas JOZWIAK and geromeegron

You've heard of DDD, given presentations on the subject and even better, read the book by Eric Evans. Now we need to integrate these principles into your code and it is exactly the purpose of the Hand's On! Through an existing application, we offer you to take an interest in the reflection of the area by introducing large DDD principles. If you wonder how to implement aggregates, anti-corruption and other concepts layer, just take a walk, you will not regret it.

[CONF] Learn the tricks of Marionette (TMQ-3544)

by rmat0n

Problems of memory leaks? On the organization of the code? Lack of top-level components? And so on for many actual xp Backbone ... Such drawbacks have perhaps too quickly switches you to Angular.js or Ember.js.

These galleys, I have never known! I promise I will not troll :) A tailored solution already exists: Marionette.js!

I invite you to rediscover Backbone through this library: strengths / weaknesses, before / after, best practices ...

[CONF] Hacking your home (AYH-9585)

by Laurent HUET

Come see how "hacker" objects in your house to make the "connected lifestyle" by reusing your development skills.

Examples of assemblies and code will be presented, including:
- Electric Metering (Teleinfo)
- Monitoring of temperature (hacking weather radio station)
- Equipment Control (Heating, Ventilation, shutter, ...)
- RaspberryPi, BEAGLEBONE Black and Arduino will be the main ingredients.

You will leave the session with the desire to reproduce any home!

[CONF] Haxe not for dummies (YZN-6517)

by Nicolas Cannasse

A very detailed introduction to the Haxe technology, its many uses, the specific language and applications created with its help.

[CONF] Live + coding Angularjs RESTX with continuous deployment and real-time monitoring (NSF-9702)

by Xavier Hanin and Elian Oriou

50 minutes of live coding to develop a complete application deployed in the cloud continuously consoles, real-time monitoring of the evolution of the application, is the challenge that we will meet in front of you!

The program includes the development of a REST API on the back with RESTX, lightweight REST framework and productive Java and MongoDB database. Side front of AngularJS, the MVC framework from Google that will take you on top of your productivity!

Ready for adventure? Fasten your seat belts that will boost!

[QUICK] Factor 12 (DTN-7383)

by Damien Mathieu

Write powerful, scalable applications both vertically and horizontally is hard! Be able to start new servers at any time is usually a big sticking point. With this issue, Heroku has set up a manifesto, the "12 Factors App". This manifesto is a set of best practices to help developers build really powerful applications.

In this presentation, we will see the main points of the manifesto, and how you can apply them to your application.

[QUICK] and Asciidoc Asciidoctor (DHH-2846)

by Benedict Prioux

Write documentation is often a daunting task for developers ... However, there are solutions like Asciidoc, a syntax that reconciles developers with documentation. In addition, there is a very active community around Asciidoctor, a processor to convert a document Asciidoc HTML, DocBook ... I offer a foretaste of that ecosystem growing up!

[QUICK] Java 8 - Functional Interfaces (SOZ-2044)

by Alexis Seigneurin

Java 8 introduces the concept of "functional interface". Behind this lies an obscure term mechanism to pass references on methods and lambdas parameter. And that, transparently to the code called.

Step by step, we will discover how to use this new language which introduces functional code in our Java code!

[QUICK] Introducing BdxCoin, Bordelaise community of crypto-currencies! (QXM-0048)

by Jordan B.

Interested to learn more about Bitcoins and Altcoins? You want to meet real users of crypto-currencies? Novice or regular user, we will try to show you that through BdxCoin true Bordelaise community exists and is waiting for you!

We'll take a quick look back at our first meetings, then a point on our goals and future actions. We will also do an overview of the Bordeaux community of crypto-currencies. And above all we will do everything to convince you to come to our next MeetUp!

[QUICK] Monitoring an electricity meter with Node.js (QML-7780)

by Laurent HUET

Come see how to pair your electricity meter to RaspberryPi card / BEAGLEBONE / ... for a real-time power consumption of your vision.

Hardware side, a basic electronic circuit is used ( JDK 6 or 7
-> Maven
- Developer Node
-> NodeJS
[CONF] Introduction to Clojure (WPC-9331)

by jerome moliere

A not so short introduction to the Clojure language, functional programming 101 & the ecosystem. Why using Such language now ... When the world Adopts massively connected devices, using a data centric language is quite logic Especially When this language as a bonus Offers TDD and Can Be overpowered by all Java libraries.

[CONF] Alice's adventures: the revolt of Tests (UVK-0937)

by Ly-Jia Goldstein

Alice dreams of tests to include in its application when she sees the White Rabbit quality conscious. Party in pursuit, she is propelled into a world eerily like his code, and begins to show many unit tests. Yet the White Rabbit is still unsatisfied; said tests rebel, went crazy and did not want to check out what she wants. How Alice Will she succeed to regain control of the tests and make them work properly?

Through the adventures of Alice, I will introduce the common pitfalls of testing that often discourage beginners, but also best practices and tools for functional and effective tests.

[PICT] New opportunities databases of graphs (NAZ-8652)

by Cedric Fauvet

If you pluck the hair with many joins and complex stored procedures it is quite possible that you are trying to build a graph without knowing because the graphs are everywhere. Since adding a social layer to the web application to the impact assessment on a telecom network, many organizations have adopted databases and graph data model ideal for complex queries and highly connected while ensuring exceptional performance. Discover what brings us the power of Neo4j!

[CONF] ReactJS and the future of HTML5 user interface (HRI-0186)

by Thibaut Séguy

At the "single page" and mobile apps on HTML5 / JS platform React offers a healthy and affordable developers and companies who wish to engage in the quicksand of application frameworks Javascript pragmatic answer. Discover React, deepen your understanding of its operation and leave with the need to start, arguments convincing and a feedback.

[CONF] Docker "Zero" to "Hero" (QYR-7933)

by Nicolas De loof

Born a year ago, Docker is fast becoming the de facto standard for cloud deployments, each actor is actively working on the theme of "Containerization".

By disturbing the border between IaaS and PaaS, Docker creates new opportunities and practices.

During this talk, I will present Docker, from the base to its use in "real life": technical aspects, but especially functional impacts, tools, practices of "continuous delivery", and how to take part for your application development .

And as I do not want you to drink hundreds of slides prepared for many demos!

[CONF] Keeping on CSS (HRV-5485) style

by Pierre Renaudin

CSS is the style language best known today by developers. But what does not come with the first dirty tutorials, these are the nudges that help maintain an elegant sober style, and can be reused.

Choose a good framework: Foundation? Bootstrap? No framework?

Style guides: Adopts style guides to start by creating a small site listing them with the gem Hologram

Adopt the right tools: This is perhaps Sass or Less or postprocessors simply

The bottom line is that things are beautiful.

[CONF] Feedback on the implementation of the Go at Orange (OPR-5192)

by Michel Casabianca and BenC__

Our team has implemented the Go programming language in a proposed high performance server infrastructure Orange SMS. During this presentation, we will describe:

. The project context and constraints
. presentation of Go Fast
. Reasons for choosing Go
. Pitfalls and surprises during development
. Back on performance and maintainability

[CONF] SARAH, the UX to control the connected devices in the house otherwise (KCR-7176)

by Jp Encausse

In recent years, the connected devices are invading our daily lives. The web giants are now in the race. But we are only at the beginning, with no real standard or consistent vision.

Meanwhile, SARAH is a framework created in 2012 whose purpose is to provide another way to interact with the connected home via voice recognition, gesture, facial, QRCode, NFC ...

For this transformation also involves advancing so-called NUI (Native User Interfaces) to be closer to science fiction-)

[HANDS-ON] I'll make you love with Javascript ECMAScript 6 (WIO-2335)

by Philippe Charrière

Many of you rail against Javascript (even I, at one time ...) and yet this language, which has more or less the same age as Java will experience a turning point with the arrival of ECMAScript 6. we classes standard, the mixins in a line, for all the promises, etc. A real language so;) And we can start now!

In two short hours, we will discover all this by making a small framework "MV *" way Backbone 0 dependencies. We will also see how on-VITAMINER our framework by coupling it with Polymer already works well with # SS6.

[CONF] Bootstrapping Machine Learning (SBA-9127)

by Louis Dorard

APIs prediction democratize the Machine Learning and allow any developer to create smart applications and features in record time: detecting spam predict the interests of a user, predict missing data, etc. These APIs abstract away the complexities of creating predictive models automatically occupying the choice of algorithms and parameters.

We will explore the possibilities and limits of Machine Learning, and then look at the functioning of APIs Prediction and give an overview. We will see a case study with API BigML how to create a predictive data from learning model, and how to use it.

[CONF] Grunt & Broccoli or achieve an architecture of robust and powerful web application (CVW-9811)


End to end of jQuery plugins, it's easy. By cons, if you want to start to develop a complete web application, things are less simple. Based on our experience Azendoo I'll show you how to create a development environment with Broccoli / Grunt / Bower and how to scale up the production.

[CONF] RUN | ALLOWANCE | DEPLOY - Your Workstation in Production (UKO-7455)

by Jean-Loïc HERVO

If your development environment was an exact copy of your production server? If installing a NoSQL cluster or load balancer does summarized only a few lines in a file Yaml? And finally, if a web application run on three instances that Amazon was taking 10 seconds to your device?

Through the use of Vagrant, Ansible Capistrano and tools, we try to answer these questions and to set up a development environment ready to be put into production in less than 5 minutes.

[CONF] TDD in real life (OJJ-0412)

by JB Dusseaut

Maybe you are you interested in Test Driven Development. Maybe you've made some katas, but there you have the impression that a kata remains too simple example faces that you live every day.

In this session of live coding, I suggest you to discover my daily developer practicing TDD 100%. We will develop the first steps of a web application, and can discover that there is more difference between a code kata and my everyday.

From: October 17, 2014 08:00
To: October 17, 2014 18:30

Enseirb Matmeca, 33400, Talence, France


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