Bikablo + Lettering Day 1 :: Focus on Bikablo image

Bikablo + Lettering Day 1 :: Focus on Bikablo

April 12th 2019 09:00 - 17:00
Visual thinking and the practical application of pictures and words.

Learn the hand-drawn and hand-lettered techniques needed to make your next meeting visual.
Available in 1 & 2-day workshops.

• Learn to hold the pen, draw clean lines, and structure your space on the flip chart
• Create graphics and text containers/geometric shapes, objects and symbols
• Discover the easy ways the bikablo® method provides to draw people, roles, groups, and situations
• Use simple and fast options to color elements and spaces to support the graphic structure
• Learn foundational and stylistic letterforms that are legible even when written quickly
• Develop a formula for hierarchy to support information and ways to emphasize words to highlight ideas

You are invited to enroll in the day of your choice or both days!

Day 1 :: Focus on Bikablo with Jill Greenbaum
Day 2 :: Focus on Lettering with Heather Martinez

Heather Martinez avatar
Heather Martinez
Visual Practitioner
Lettering artist and visual coach, Heather was also the founding art director of the Visioneering team (a team of visual practitioners) in Chantilly, VA. As an ambassador for Neuland (in Germany), she travels to teach lettering skills to visual practitioners and has presented at two IFVP (Internatio...
Jill Greenbaum
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