We’re very excited to present a major new addition to the Conferize Organizer product suite: Truly social event websites!

It means that everything you’ve come to expect from Conferize–a dynamic event community with social networking and content sharing–now can operate under your very own website domain, e.g. ‘ It can effectively save you the time, headaches, and costs of building your own website, while offering your attendees, followers, speakers, sponsors a much more engaging event experience.

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At Conferize we’ve always believed in keeping our platform as open as possible. Today we’re announcing a new registration API to underpin just how serious we are about our open position and the endeavor of reducing fragmentation in the global events industry.

Why is this important?
We estimate that roughly 5,000 registration services exist today, powering the world’s  2+ million annual professional events. It’s a jungle with virtually no overview possible. With the new API it’s much easier for event organizers and registration providers to list their events on Conferize, the leading open platform for professional events worldwide. It also makes it easier for attendees to benefit from Conferize’s social networking and content sharing features.

What is it?
A while back we announced our partnership with Eventbrite, one of the largest and fastest growing registration platforms in the world. From this we learned a lot about how to structure an integration and we eventually developed our own API for any registration service to integrate. 

For event organizers using registration services that’s integrated with Conferize, it’s now much easier to …

  1. import events to be listed on Conferize for millions to discover.
  2. buy a ticket for an event on Conferize.
  3. invite existing and new attendees to network and share content. 
  4. reap the benefits of the Conferize platform.

Announcing the first integration with pioneering partner Eventora
We’re launching the new API together with the great team at Eventora, who–just like Conferize–are official TEDx partners. 


Nick Tsamis, CEO of Eventora, comments: 

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Conferize. Eventora’s easy event registration and smart event management is now combined with Conferize’s powerful community building. For attendees, this means a better, seamless registration experience. For organizers, it means more registrations and engagement.”

“Both our companies are TEDx partners, and Eventora serves TEDx events in 25 countries. For TEDx communities worldwide, there are many benefits coming from our partnership. Joining forces with Conferize helps us in our mission to make smart events simple.”

Jon Schäffer, Co-Founder & CCO of Conferize says:

“Eventora is a great and cost effective registration solution. Partnering with Eventora means that event organizers can now easily plug in registration, build a living event community and sell more tickets on Conferize. This is a perfect match for both companies and for our customers.”

How the Eventora integration works in practice:
With this integration event organizers can publish their event on Conferize with just a click on the Eventora control panel. Event attendees can now register seamlessly via the Conferize event page. Whenever someone buys a ticket, also outside of Conferize, they can easily be invited to join the community with social networking and content sharing.

API specs and key
For registration providers and developers, please refer to the API documentation and get in touch regarding integration.


2014 is almost over. What a year it’s been! We saw a dramatic increase in the number of tech events added to Conferize. From local meetups to huge conferences and global exhibitions, they’re all here. Now comes the time to recap and select the best of the best! Our jury of distinguished experts have selected 50 events from all over the world that we believe are the best of 2014! (Last updated: December 18th, 2014)

“With the Top 50 Tech list we want to reward event organizers who are proactive about community building and digital strategy. We believe big is not always better. In fact, we want to reward the most social and innovative events on their efforts to share, engage and involve with their communities online – regardless of their size.”  Martin Ferro-Thomsen, CEO & Founder of Conferize.

Each day, from Dec 1st, we will release a couple of events, so stay tuned until the 18th of December, where we will announce the final list! 

Don’t forget to share with others too! #Top50events!

We thank you for all of your support during this campaign. We wish you all a very happy holiday with your family and friends!


Update: We’ve found the lucky winner of a complimentary LeWeb ticket: Rosa Garriga!

We’re super excited to have LeWeb join our group of leading event organizers on Conferize. We want to celebrate with you!

You can win a ticket, valued € 2,390.* Join a Conferize founder in Paris 9-11 December where the world’s technorati will gather. 


How to participate:

1. Follow Leweb on Conferize.

2. Tweet the text below:

I want to go w @Conferize to #leweb because [insert your motivation]

We’ll select the most worthy contender to join one of our Co-Founders in Paris! Hurry up.

*) Conferize will only cover the LeWeb ticket, not any other expenses such as flight, accommodation etc. 

The European tech scene is as vibrant as ever. Here at Conferize we wanted to help you navigate top tech events for 2015! Check it out:

Browse through next years top tech events and follow the events on Conferize to get updates on the events as they approaches.

Is an event missing from the list? Or are you organising an event that we should know of? Then make sure you Add it here and grow your audience.

We’ve also created an open list where you can submit your own event suggestions. You can find it here:

Pro tip: Some of these events already have a 2 for 1 discount for insanely early birds. Make sure to check that out

Share with your team and friends:

As some of you may have noticed we’ve just introduced a brand new way to manage your events on Conferize. We call it (drum roll) Manage Event!


You can access this page either from My Events (click Manage) or from your event page (there’s a direct link in the black top menu).

What it does
We realized there should be an easy way to manage events on Conferize, as well as get very concrete inspiration and tips for being more successful in building and engaging your community. Now there is!

Here’s a closeup:


As you see above, a prominent feature is that Conferize will constantly monitor your progress and guide you to a more successful event by suggesting things to do. Simply click the Next step and fill in the missing information to keep growing your event score to 100 %

You can quickly get a sense of how well you events is doing in terms of community size, activity, latest members of your community etc. 

There is also a quick way to Engage community by posting updates, media and any other important information to your community. What you post here will of course go into your Activity page on Conferize. Any media links you share (Youtube, Slideshare, Flickr etc.) will be included in the Media section. There is usually a short delay, and remember the default sorting of media is by popularity so new media is added to the bottom of the list). 

The rest is pretty straightforward, you can access anything via the left-hand menu and edit anything you like. We hope you like the new Manage Event page!

Tip: The Sponsor section is a premium add-on feature, you’ll need to get in touch to enable it (learn more about it here). 


Today Conferize has released a brand new Sponsor product that rethinks event sponsorship. It’s designed to let your sponsors play a part and stand out on your event page and community on Conferize. It offers real customer interaction and ROI for sponsors, as they become an integral of the community with their own profile.

Your full usually community grows 5-10 times bigger than your attending audience. Resell the added value to your sponsors who can connect with buyers before, during and after–more time and opportunities to close deals!

Oh,  it can also be integrated directly on your website or blog too, like this:

How it works

  1. Once you’ve enabled the Sponsor package you quickly add any number of sponsors. You can also define types of sponsors: Gold, Platinum, Bronze, Media etc.
  2. Upload a logo for each sponsor, add a description, and add a contact person. You select the personal contact by searching Conferize users, so make sure they have a free Conferize account.
  3. You can reorder your sponsors and edit everything until you’re happy with the result.
  4. The Sponsor section is automatically added on your event page on Conferize. It exists as a ‘slider’ right on your Overview page and has a full Sponsor page in the menu.
  5. Grab the Embed code to integrate your Sponsors directly on your website or blog.


Get in touch to get the Sponsor package or learn more. 

Learn even more in our F.A.Q.

Earlier this year we embarked on a long journey to make Conferize simpler, savvier and, well, sexier. Finally, Conferize V1 is here!

The new Conferize is an engaging and visually striking platform, created to increase the lifespan and impact of professional events online. We’ve redesigned and rebuilt every single page and created new ways to experience events. And don’t worry, everything you’ve come to expect of Conferize is still there.

Try it now or read on.


So, what’s new in V1? 
Everything! And it now also works on any mobile device!

Below are some of the highlights, we’ll be elaborating in upcoming posts.

And please join the launch party tomorrow (28 August @ 5pm) in Copenhagen: Conferize V1 Launch: Meet the Future of Events


New customizable event pages with rich media & community built in
A member of the press once said that Conferize was more valuable than 99 % of all conference websites. Well, we also wanted to also make it prettier and more useful. And we wanted event organizers to feel even more at home by tailoring the page to match their brand. Of course it also sports both rich media and community networking built right in (more info below). 

Check out STHLM Tech Fest for a live version. 


Event media done right: Everything in one place
We believe professional events are a unique source of knowledge that until now has been very hard to access in a structured way. This is why rich media is now a prominent part of Conferize. Just click a media item and a new media overlay pops up. No need to scour the web anymore, it’s all here in the same place!

Here’s all the media from STHLM Tech Fest. 
Here are the best presentations from around the world in the past month.


Community and networking to make your event last

One of the reasons we feel so strongly about professional events it that they enable people to create deeper social ties than with any online connection. We’ve created our social features with the purpose of helping to facilitate more meetings in real life. In a Conferize community you can sift through the crowd and find people you want to connect with or meet at any given event. 

Check out the Community at STHLM Tech Fest.


Ask Burning Questions to explore topics with your community
Most events exist to explore certain topics. We thought: Why not start this journey before the event and have a place to capture the collective thoughts of your community? Introducing Burning Questions: A completely new thing in the world that will help you engage your audience and accumulate knowledge.
Check out an example here.

But wait! There are more ways to discover events on Conferize
In addition to the highlights above, here are cool new things we’ve built:

  • A brand new Discovery page to inspire you with the world of events
  • A new personalized Home page for you to keep up with your world of events (must be logged in to see it)
  • New user profiles for speakers and delegates to shine and build their portfolio of events, content and followers. Example.
  • A new page for exploring Speakers. Event organizers always struggle to find new and upcoming speakers. Problem solved: Almost 40,000 to choose from.
  • A new page for exploring the Conferize community. It’s probably the biggest ‘Who’s who’ for professional events: 4,428,485 people so far

Today Conferize is honored among the top innovators in the world of events. Selected by the industry’s leading trade media, Bizbash, it’s a great recognition of our team’s combined efforts to reinvent professional events for the digital age. Specifically, two of Conferize’s founders were listed among the most innovative people within technology.

“Conferize was willing to take risks and find opportunities to create authentic engagement and value, which is why we decided to highlight them and their work,” says BizBash editor in chief Anna Sekula.

BizBash has announced its 2014 list of the most innovative people and brands in events and has named Conferize among the top innovators right now. Here’ why:

Conferize has stood out as an event innovator and groundbreaker—joining an elite group that proves the value of face-to-face events, empowers peers to consider the unconventional, and reveals a redefined image of what the industry is today.


CEO Martin Ferro-Thomsen and CCO Jon Schäffer. The two remaining co-founders, Martin Wullfeld and Jesper Vestergaard, we’re too busy to leave their laptops at the time of the photo.  

See the full list of innovators.

Professional events has a new face online. Today Conferize is introducing the brand new event pages across all events on our platform.


The new event pages is designed to be easy on the eye and more user friendly, putting everything events related in its proper place: Speakers, media, the community, and realtime activity to constantly capture the beating heart of your event.

It’s also much more visual and customizable, giving event organizers more options to present their events with logo and a large photo showing the atmosphere at their event.

Gorgeous media feeds to wow your audience
Conferize has probably the world’s smartest and most innovative approach to event media. We call it ‘collective media’ and it’s everything that you, your speakers and the community care to share. We track all conversations on your event page and Twitter, and from that we identify the most popular rich media content items.

It’s a lot of heavy data processing behind the scenes, but the result is as beautiful as it is captivating: Your own tailored media feed, powered and curated by the web and your community. Any content type (video, photos, presentations, papers) from any platform (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Slideshare etc.) available in one user friendly place. We of course also support video livestreaming from any platform. It just works!


Burning Questions captures the knowledge of your crowd 
A prominent new innovation of the event page is a component we call ‘Burning questions’. It’s designed to engage your audience and capture the knowledge of your crowd. With this component you are at the forefront of the event revolution, where your capable speakers and delegates get a chance to shine and create a body of knowledge specific to your conference theme. You can of course customize your Burning Questions for each event (Go to My Events).


World’s best event networking 
Conferize has one of the best networking and matchmaking features. Forbes believes it’s even better than LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s the perfect way to get the most out of your event attendance, and to keep up with though leaders of any industry. We offer these networking features with every event and for Conferize in general. 


One community to rule them all 
It’s important to remember that all the activity and media being shared at individual event pages are streamed into the Conferize network itself, potentially reaching millions of events professionals. The larger you build your community and the more active they are, the more it will resonate throughout Conferize’s network, the social web and frequent automated newsletters. On Conferize you can also create a ‘Series‘ of events, gradually building your audience from event to event, instead of starting from scratch. It’s one community to rule them all.

We hope you enjoy the new event page. Any feedback or questions are welcome!

How to get started using the new features
How do I add or edit a Burning question for my event?
How do I upload a photo to my event page?
How do I get media on to my event page?