Stowe Boyd Comments on The Conferize Manifesto. Will You?

Conferize is a stealth startup. We’re building a huge scaleable platform for all the conferences in the world – including all the people and information related to conferences. Basically it means structuring billions of content items in a neatly organized, interactive and real-time system. And we’re currently doing it by bootstrapping the hard efforts of a very few fearless people!

So, how do you gain attention when you have nothing to show for yet?

Well, apart from getting in front of a camera and being frustratingly vague (but the situation commands it), I thought that writing a manifesto would be a great conversation starter and a way of reaching out to the industry. And we’ve surely come off to a good start, as one of our personal heroes Stowe Boyd just cared enough to comment on all 10 of our frustration points.

We welcome anyone to take part in the discussion and promise we’ll work hard at solving as many as of these problems as possible in the coming years! We’ll need to do it step by step but with guidance like this hopefully we won’t get lost…

By the way, Stowe is touring with our friends from Podio at their awesome ‘Future of Work’ tour and you should definitely check that out.

Sincerely, Martin.