Conferize is happening: Towards Conference 3.0

It’s nearly 2012 and I’d like to take a moment to look back at the amazing things that happened with Conferize this year.

Definite highlights include our somewhat global alpha launch tour at DEMO, Pitch’11, and Arctic15. We even got to hang with the coolest bunch of entrepreneurs in the world at F.ounders in Dublin. We were also covered by big media such as The Next Web (twice) and Venture Beat as well as a host of enthusiasts in the blogosphere and localized print.

And we haven’t even opened up the site to the public yet! Click below to view a little scrapbook of Conferize highlight from 2011.


Towards Conference 3.0

For the past decades many have worked to create better tools and experiences for conferences and professional events. It’s time we start working together towards what we tentatively call ‘Conference 3.0’ – a more social, semantic and transparent approach to conferences that will bridge the virtual and physical communities surrounding professional events.

We’ve met so many wonderful people, partners, bloggers, meeting planners, investors and more that have helped us refine the concept first outlined in our manifesto. Even Stowe Boyd took his time to chime in. Thanks a bunch to everyone who cared enough to help us steer Conferize in the right direction!

Our (hard)core team – now hiring

When you’re setting sails into the wild blue yonder you won’t get far without the right people on board. So at Conferize we only work with the absolute best. Period. We’ve just started looking for more Ruby on Rails developers to join our core team – take our test to see if you have what it takes.

I owe big thanks to my Technical Co-Founder Martin Wulffeld, one of the best, smartest and most patient developers I’ve ever met. Without Martin there would be no Conferize, it’s that simple.

Another big thanks goes to Colin Crawford for joining our team this year. With his more than impressive background in publishing, events and technology he immediately grasped the business potential of our platform and came on board as our Executive Chairman. 

Finally, a special thanks to our academic advisor Ib Ravn who eight years ago opened my eyes both to the unique impact conferences (can) have on our professional and personal lives – and also how much work needs to be done here.

Conferences truly are a cornerstone in the knowledge economy. Professional meetings provide more economic value in US than the auto industry – and yet we have no centralized platform to tie everything together. Which brings me to my next point:

Alpha testing and our upcoming launch 2012

We’ll launch the platform when we think it’s good enough to let lose in the wild. If you feel passionately about our endeavor and want to provide user testing and feedback, please contact us through our site.

For general updates, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

Have a great holiday season and see you in 2012! 

Martin, Founder.