Conferize is now live (alpha). Try it out!

You may have noticed that we’ve silently opened Conferize to the public. Yay!

Conferize seeks to reinvent conferences and professional events for the 21st century. Why? Because we believe conferences are able to surface the best ideas and the most prominent influencers of any industry. 

We want to make it possible for anyone to attend any conference anywhere – physically and virtually – by connecting conferences and the cloud in a much smarter way than ever before.

So on Conferize you can discover new conferences and join the action as it happens around people, conversations and content. Read on for a more hands on intro.

What can I do at Conferize?

  1. Create a free account and follow people that matter to you – it’s a great way to see what they’re up to in their professional lives without too much noise. Let people know what you’re attending or interested in to optimize your networking.
  2. You can also follow conferences directly to see what’s going on at any stage, even before you register. We’ll do our best to give you the full picture of everything – conversations, presentations, videos etc. as it becomes available in the public realm. You can chime in at any time by posting directly to a conference.
  3. You can also follow categories that match your interests. We are actively adding conferences that we think are cool and so can you – it takes just a minute or two. 
  4. If you’re a speaker you should build your profile and let us know where you’re speaking or have spoken. You’ll be included in our speaker database where organizers can search for talent.

Organizing a conference?

If you’re organizing a conference, freely submit your event to get in touch with a targeted audience worldwide. Be sure to submit and communicate your unique #hashtag so we can find related content across the web (tip: #bigdata is bad, #bigdatacon12 is excellent).

Conferize is the perfect platform for you to build and communicate with your community, both for the 10 % who register and the 90 % of your total audience that participate online. If you want to go Pro and boost your registrations, there’s a service for that too.

What’s next?

What you see today on is the result of 3+ man years of largely unpaid con amore work. We’re so proud of how far we’ve come but also realize there’s much work left to be done. 

We’ll be blogging about our progress here, based on your feedback. Always feel free to reach out to us through the site or any of our social channels.