Livestream your conference to the world on Conferize

Today we’re launching a new thing in the wild: Live video streaming!

Our buddies over at Media Evolution’s The Conference are the first to use this new feature, check it out.

While live-streaming hardly is anything new in the world of conferences, here’s the catch:

Usually conference organizers are well connected with the people already attending the conference – but how do you get your live feed in front of the remaining 90 % of your potential audience? You know, the ones that couldn’t get to your conference?

We believe, in all modesty, that the answer is Conferize. Professionals already gather here to get smarter, not just in relation to individual conferences but across multiple events, categories, continents, people and speakers. It’s the perfect audience to get in front of. 

Of course the live feed doesn’t compare with your physical event as there’s nothing like the real thing. But if you’re looking to spread the word, add more value for your sponsors and build your brand and community, live-streaming is very much for you.

Conferize supports any streaming service currently available. If you’re interested in getting more viewers for your stream, get in touch today.