Meeting the Future: Big Data Innovation Summit

This article is part of an interview series running on our blog the coming weeks, called ‘Meeting the Future’ about conference organizers’ present and future involvement with social media.


Having a clear and well-defined marketing strategy is key for a conference like Big Data Innovation Summit, being the largest gathering of Fortune 500 business executives leading Big Data initiatives. The Global Marketing Coordinator, Chris Palmer, at The Innovation Enterprise has given us a peek into how they handle social media in relation to the conference.

How do you use the Internet and social platforms to promote Big Data Innovation Summit?
“We use many different social platforms to promote all of our conferences, but mainly LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

LinkedIn is useful particularly in the B2B space and we promote our conferences by engaging our audiences through discussions in relevant groups by asking questions such as: “What would you like to see?” “What are your burning issues in the industry at the moment?”

Twitter is a good tool because it’s quick and effective to compose a Tweet and it can reach a very large audience. We also organize contracts with other websites whereby they Tweet on our behalf.

In terms of Google+ we are just starting to use this platform more and already we have seen a big rise in our number of followers. We think that the “Hangouts” tool could be useful in the future for our webinars.”

What is your best and worst experience with social media?
“We have had many good experiences on social media, particularly in our LinkedIn groups. It is a great way to engage our audience, find out what they are looking for and generate ideas for future conferences. The best experiences are when you post a discussion in a group and it engages a huge amount of people, generates ideas and the discussion continues for a number of months.”

How do you measure and evaluate your impact and performance overall?
“We use many techniques and are actually organizing a conference on how companies can best measure social media analytics. However our general ethos is that the engagement is the most important thing, as long as we are connecting with our customers in a way that is pleasing to them.”

Do you have a digital content distribution strategy around video, papers, presentations etc.?
“We have a membership platform where delegates can access videos, presentations, interviews etc. Our customers can either purchase the membership separately or they can pay a little extra on top of their delegate pass to access all of the content after the event.

We are also starting a newsletter which will include speaker interviews and some content from the conferences.”

The Big Data Innovation Summit brings together business leaders and innovators from the industry for an event acclaimed for its interactive format; combining keynote presentations, interactive breakout sessions and open discussion. This year’s event took place on September 13th-14th in Boston, MA. To catch up on all the activity from the event, see it on Conferize.  

by Christel Laerkholm Hansen