Speak the Future. A Manifesto & Call to Action: The New Role of Speakers in The Online Economy


The Meetings Industry is currently experiencing a momentous shift toward greater democratization within the conference space; the demand for speakers has grown tremendously and more and more people have the potential to get on stage and share their expertise.

Unfortunately, the tools available to help organizers find new knowledge-producers has yet to reflect this trend. Just as attendees should not have to slog through search engines to find interesting conferences, organizers should not have to dig through the web to find new speakers.  

Conferize is looking to bridge this gap and bring greater exposure to experts who we believe are integral to more dynamic and transparent conferences.

We are currently reaching out to thought leaders who wants to benefit from a tailored platform where they can connect with conference organizers, advertise upcoming speaking engagements and share their knowledge with a wider audience online.

We envision a place where speakers capture targeted communities tied to their industry, which not only allows them to find speaking engagements but also empower them to maximize their participation at conferences by developing a tool to promote themselves and generate buzz around their work.

We’ve just launched our new Speakers Page, which we’ll continue to update with more and more innovative tools designed specifically for speakers. 

We want to grow it with you!

A Call to Action

The shift is happening. Stowe Boyd and more than 33,000 other speakers are already on board. Are you adapting?

If you would like to get involved with the ‘Speak the Future’ series or become a feature, do not hesitate to get involved and contact us.