Conferize Picks This Week: Interop 2013 Vegas, Mobile DevCon Seoul, FEI13, Event Tech Circus, Wired Business Conference 2013

Courageous leaders, dynamic technology and taming the wild beasts of the tech startup world this week at Conferize.

Picks of the week:

Interop 2013 Vegas
6-10 May 2013, Las Vegas, NV USA

Interop offers a strong combination of educational content, a dynamic exhibition of technology providers, and peer networking to IT professionals across all industries, so that they can investigate and discover transformative technologies and ideas to put to work across their enterprise. 

Mobile DevCon Seoul
6-8 May 2013, Boston, MA USA

Growth and engagement are critical to the success of any mobile app. Mobile DevCon Seoul 2013 is a chance spend the day with Facebook’s mobile engineers and product managers to help drive distribution and engagement for your iOS, Android and Mobile Web apps.

6-8 May 2013, Boston, MA USA

FEI 2013 is built for courageous leaders, those who aren’t afraid to get hands on and tackle provocative issues like risk, failure and change. We welcome those who channel their passion, and commit themselves each day to the pursuit of bolder innovation and meaningful collaboration.

Event Tech Circus
7 May 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Organizers who can juggle many events at once, investors who can guide the tamed beasts that are our many event technology start-ups and the technology start-ups who can walk the financial tightrope without taking their eyes off the prize are all wanted for Event Tech Circus.

Wired Business Conference 2013
7 May 2013, New York, NY USA

The future is roaring back to life. Markets, industries, innovation—all are rebounding from one of the worst recessions in history. But the optimism is cautious. We know we are not invincible. We know things need fixing. Now is not the time for small advances and gradual improvements.

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