The New Conferize Is Here: Bringing Conferences to Life Online

Today, Conferize launched our new beta site. The early verdict from international press included words such as “slick”, “comprehensive” and “a lot more valuable than 99% of conference websites”.


First a little background.

Marc Andreessen said that “software is eating the world”. Any industry is now in the software business and those that do not realize it will be rendered obsolete.

At Conferize, we asked ourselves a very important question: If many of the legacy industries, such as publishing, film, music and travel, have already gone digital, and each with a few major platforms serving as a backend, then why hasn’t the Meetings Industry? It’s only a trillion dollar cornerstone of the knowledge economy that we happen to love very much!

We believe it’s because professional events are by default an offline industry that’s highly fragmented in nature. The conference and its content are multimedia-based, as well as time- and-place-specific. Combined, this poses a high level of complexity that no one has been able to capture, structure and present online in a meaningful way.

A year ago, we launched Conferize alpha to learn with and from the industry. It’s served us well: we now have almost two million people on the platform and a few awards under our belt. Based on all that learning, we’ve taken a very different approach with the beta.

Conferize is now able to identify the most relevant and engaging content from conferences – of any type and from any source – and present it in a playful and simple way that’s attuned to the very nature of conferences. For the first time, people can actually experience and engage with conferences online and be amazed by the most relevant content and the rich media that reflects conferences more than anything.

And organizers can now easily present their conference online – pre, present and past – to extend its lifecycle, grow their audience and give an accurate and engaging account of what’s going on at their event. It supports and integrates seamlessly with any existing digital strategy and doesn’t compete with the core physical product that a conference is. In fact, we strongly believe that online only adds value to offline in the case of conferences.

We think Conferize beta is a big leap forward and it’s something we’re able to provide on a massive scale across any conference and event on a freemium basis. Why not try submitting your event right now?

In the coming days, we’ll be posting a lot more about the beta product’s three main parts: our new highlight player, design and activity engine. We’ve also added some cool new features for organizers. 

Update: The second post in this series is now online.