The New Conferize Is Here (2) : Introducing the Highlight Player

Yesterday, Conferize launched our new beta site. The early verdict from international press included words such as “slick”, “comprehensive” and “a lot more valuable than 99% of conference websites”. This is the second post about the launch; the first one is here.

Conferize beta exists to make conferences much more relevant and sexy online. A big part of this is our new highlight player. Here’s a live example showcasing the best nuggets of the ongoing LeWeb conference.

What you see is a player very similar to those of YouTube or SlideShare, except it shows all types of relevant media from a conference cleanly and playfully. It’s a radical new way for conferences to engage online audiences with the good stuff that’s going on at their conference – videos, photos, presentations, comments and tweets – all in one place.

When you mouse-over you can see a few important metrics about the conference and choose which type of content you’d like to explore. You can also find a link to the conference profile.

The player is made completely in HTML and works on any device. It’s of course embeddable on any website or blog and in any size. You can even go fullscreen to immerse yourself completely in good content. Click any item to view, interact with it and share anywhere.

The fullscreen mode can easily be projected onto a wall at a conference as a much more engaging way of showing the online action in your physical setting.

Pretty cool, huh? At least we think so.

How to Get One

So, how do you get the highlight player set up for your event? Easy! Just sign up to Conferize and add your conference for free. Once the player has received enough good content, it’ll automatically appear on the profile of your conference.

It’s very important to include a unique hashtag and communicate that everywhere at your conference (on Twitter, your website, emails, print, ticket, badges, etc.). This way you’ll also capture that action going on outside of Conferize.

Anyone at a conference, online or offline, can post directly to Conferize to have threaded conversations beyond the 140 characters – as long as the conference has been Conferize’d first, of course. We’ll talk more about how to enter content through the new activity feed in a later post.

And not to worry, we can only show content that’s already out there somewhere in the public domain. If you want to resell or keep specific media private, we fully respect that. But also know that those of us at Conferize believe that we live in a world of  increasing transparency and abundance where you should use all your content nuggets to amaze and build your audience online.

Here’s another screenshot of the gorgeous highlight player, your one-stop distribution and presentation vehicle for anything cool that’s going on at a conference.


Stay tuned for another post on the new beta soon.