Event listings for speakers done right

Update: Wow, that was fast! Within a few hours Stowe Boyd installed this new widget. See it on Stoweboyd.com in the righ-thand column.
Ever tried making a list or blog post with events you’re speaking at or attending? 
It’s a real hassle finding dates, links, titles and info about events. Recently Stowe Boyd talked about the need for someone to fix this problem.
Good news! At Conferize, we’ve come up with a pretty nifty way to solve this.

Here’s what we came up with:

How it works

First, you can search for any event you attend and speak at. If it’s not there, you can Quick Submit it – takes about 30 seconds as we only need the basic info:


Now our busy team mates will fill in all the available information about the event and then notify you by email. Usually it happens within a few hours. Here’s the email you’ll get:


Next, all you need to do is head on over to the new Promote tab that sits on your personal homepage (once logged in):


Simply tweak the new widget to your heart’s desire and easily embed it on your blog or website. You can choose to show a Book me button, to let the world know you’re interested in speaking engagements. 

It’s not just great for speakers, but also delegates and organizers to let the world know about cool events. The widget updates automatically, and so do the events on Conferize. 

Tip: You’ll need to be listed as a speaker or organizer to show a widget with those events.