Exciting news from Conferize: New funding, features and job openings

First, a huge thanks to everyone who’s been supporting us ever since we – nervously – demoed the pre-alpha version of Conferize in front of 1,000+ people at DEMO two years ago.

Today we’re announcing a substantial new round of funding, some cool new features, and invitations to join our team. Just follow these links to learn more.

Now, more than ever, we’re able to realize our vision to become a ‘TED for all conferences’, surfacing the greatest minds and moments from professional events across the planet.

We exist to make the knowledge generated at conferences more transparent and accessible. And we’re expanding the options of networking at and around conferences, not least related to speakers.

We been growing rapidly on all accounts, now with hundreds of new events submitted monthly by organizers through the platform. Our business model is simple and validated in the market: helping organizers market through their content and community.

Good times! We’ll continue to push ahead, now with greater strides.

Jon, Martin, Jesper, Martin and the Team.


Bonus: Here’s a little scrapbook with Conferize behind the scenes. We’ll need to update it soon.