Speak the Future: Interview with Coach Jim Johnson, Educator and Coach

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I have been a teacher and high school basketball coach for 30 years. I am married to my lovely wife Pat for 30 years. We have a son Tyler, who just started in 2nd year at Pepperdine Law School. Was blessed to be part of an inspirational High School Basketball story with Jason (J-Mac) McElwain, with my team manager, who is autistic and shocked world by scoring 20 points in the last 4 minutes of the Varsity basketball game he ever played in.

What is your favorite area of expertise to present?

My expertise is helping people’s dreams come true through my keynote speech “Dreams Really Do Come True”. I am also an expert in leadership and offer Leadership workshops. I have released a book “A Coach and a Miracle” in 2011.

How did you begin speaking at conferences?

I have been speaking at conferences since I started 6 years ago.

What have been some of the key conferences you’ve attended or participated in?

I have spoken at many educational conferences as well as business conferences and special needs conferences.

Why do you think conferences are important today?

Conferences are great way to get like-minded people together to teach, network and inspire.

Have you noticed any significant trends in the Meetings Industry in the wake of digital/mobile developments?

Meetings were being cut, but I see people bringing them back since the economy has improved.

How would you like to see conferences change more in the future?

I really enjoy conferences and think we should have more of them. They’re a great way for people to improve themselves.

As a speaker, what do you feel you need right now to strengthen your profile in the conference world? Tools, technology, network etc.? 

I need to continue to share my message as many ways as I can. My mission is: Be an outstanding role model who makes a positive difference in the world by helping others make their dreams come true.

Any conference nightmares?

First conference I did, my luggage never arrived. Make sure you have clothes in your carry-on bag.

Advice to aspiring speakers?

Choose a topic you are passionate about, become an expert in that topic, and then hone your skills as a speaker by speaking as much as you can and receiving feedback. After you start speaking you must develop an effective marketing plan.

Any feedback on Conferize?

Would like to know more about Conferize and how I can support you.

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