Doing-It-Together: Ignite communities to help market your event

Today we’re launching a brand new thing at Conferize!


Two things that most event organizers have in common, are that …

a) they’re incredibly busy, and
b) they constantly want to reach new and larger audiences.

The solution we came up with is called “Doing-It-Together”. Try it now.

We asked ourselves, why not empower organizers to directly invite all their stakeholders into the same community to help spread the word and build excitement?


The concept is simple, yet powerful. By inviting speakers, attendees and sponsors directly, organizers finally have a dedicated place for everyone to get involved and share their excitement. 

Key benefits of Doing it Together:

  1. It’ll help expand the lifecycle of the event as you involve stakeholders – and potential stakeholders – at a much earlier point in time than you’d normally do. And it’ll boost the post-event excitement significantly.
  2. It’ll provide a platform for everyone to voice their passion, network with each other and share content. We call it social content marketing.
  3. The event organizer keeps track of everyone – who are they, what are they saying and doing. And this includes the online participants who are more likely to eventually buy a ticket based on the excitement in the community.
  4. The event organizer saves time and money by having an active community to help spread the word through the network.

Intrigued? We’re offering these novel features on a ‘free to try’ basis, which means the basic features are free.

Submit your upcoming event today (take just a few minutes) or learn more on the new site for organizers.

Join the future of events movement
Here at the Conferize lab we’re constantly evolving our understanding of professional events and their anatomy. The past years, we’ve been in close contact with hundreds of event organizers and have actively been taking part in a host of events. We’re building our new features together with visionary event people and the new Do-It-Together concept has already been used with many events. Please get in touch with Martin if you’d like to participate in creating the future of events.