Speak the Future: Interview with Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am an Internet Psychologist, specialising in helping businesses understand the behaviour of their online customers.

What is your favorite area of expertise to present?

My favourite area of expertise is in speaking about the way people use the Internet.

How did you begin speaking at conferences?

I have been speaking at conferences since 1984, initially as a result of my expertise in the psychology of communication.

What have been some of the key conferences you’ve attended or participated in?

Recently, I spoke at the Internet Marketing Conference “iLIve2013”. I also spoke at “Password 2013” in Estonia.

How would you like to see conferences change more in the future?

Conferences in the future need to increase interactivity – people are demanding it. The days of the 45-minute keynote are numbered.

As a speaker, what do you feel you need right now to strengthen your profile in the conference world? Tools, technology, network etc.?

The best way for any speaker to increase their profile is to speak more. I need more bookings!

Any conference nightmares?

The worst thing that happened to me at a conference was when the organisers told me I would have an audience of 45-50 year old businessmen. Actually, the audience was their mothers aged around 70 to 80…! My speech was not suitable so I had to quickly adapt.

Advice to aspiring speakers?

My advice to aspiring speakers: get out there and speak at every opportunity. Even if you have to do it for no fee, accept every invitation to speak. Otherwise you are not a speaker – you are just dreaming of being a speaker.

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