Speak the Future: Rahfeal Gordon, International Award-Winning Motivational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

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Tell us a little about yourself

I am an award winning, international motivational speaker and I tour all over the world giving lectures and seminars in how individuals can achieve their goals in a more effective manner. I study neuroscience, linguistics and pushing development so I can show motivators how our brain works and how body language plays a part in business and personal situations.

My most favourite quote I have is “Your location is not your destination.” I love that quote because it reminds you that where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow.

How did you start speaking?

A friend of mine said to me that I should tell my story, tell my testimony. And that’s how my first seminar started. So I rented out the 6th largest theatre in the US. I ended up selling out in 2 months – and you’ve got to remember this is before Facebook and Twitter were really big, so I was just sending out personal phone calls and emails. I knew right then and there that this is something I can actually do. And from there, it just took off. I started winning awards in the entrepreneurship world, started seminar developments. I started getting TV deals, commercials with celebrities, magazines and front page of magazines and news articles, and then getting into an international film called “ten9eight”, which is a documentary for young entrepreneurs. That took me to a whole different level, and ever since then, I never looked back. It’s been an amazing ride.

Personal inspiration?

I’m a big fan of Magic Johnson, who’s a famous basketball player and I was able to meet him. He was really inspired and told me to “Keep going” – so for him to say that to me, it was a beautiful thing. I get a lot of letters from college graduates who I spoke to when they were in 6th grade too. To me, that’s also personal inspiration. It’s all about the hope!

What is your favorite area of expertise to present?

The dynamics of leadership, entrepreneurship and strategic planning for business and personal life.

What have been some of the key conferences you’ve participated in?

Entrepreneurship Conferences, Conference with His Holiness Dalai Lama.

Why do you think conferences are important today?

‘Information is the new currency’ – conferences are very vital because you receive information that you won’t get anywhere else. Conferences are a place that bring great minds together to share a great amount of insight. If you want to achieve personal or business-related greatness, you must add conferences to your to your list of activities.

Conferences are a resource store for your life – you can go in there and pick up a whole different bunch of tools for your life.

Have you noticed any significant trends in the Meetings Industry in the wake of digital/mobile developments?

The pros are connecting with individuals, following your audience on social media – it’s very cool because you get to see what they are doing and what they are learning. It’s also a tough thing too, because sometimes there’s just too much information, too many things going on – so the Conferize platform sounds really amazing to combine all these complexities in a simplistic form. From a global standpoint it’s particular exciting. 

I also find out about a lot of conferences I want to go to, after they’re over. So if I don’t have a platform or somewhere I’m connected too, unless someone tweets, facebooks or emails, you can easily not hear about something – that’s why Conferize sounds very valuable to me. The conference world needs a cool source to go to to constantly give us the networks and the schedules for conferences around the world.

As a speaker, what do you feel you need right now to strengthen your profile in the conference world? Tools, technology, network etc.?

I think I need to be more visual. To expand into different parts of the world where I haven’t been able to reach out yet – through media or promotions and of course expand my network to a broader audience. For now, it’s all about always getting more exposure.

Advice to aspiring speakers?

Be authentic. It’s very important to be authentic – particularly on stage. You want to be able to make sure, that when you speak, the person feels as though you are talking to them directly. You want to have that personal touch. And a lot of people will come on stage and just talk and use the PowerPoint and don’t necessarily resonant with the audience. 

It’s just as important to know your audience. To know what is actually going on in the present moment within that particular community. Have the aim to leave something important with your audiences. 

Of course it’s always, always important to be very well prepared. Coming to speak is one thing, but leaving, having given them information that they can use for the rest of their lives, is the most important thing. 

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