Speak The Future: Marc Sampogna, Founder of Canopy Brand Group

Conferize’s “Speak the Future” series features speakers who are currently changing the conference world. We are passionate about sharing their ideas, right here. For more info check out our “Speak the Future” Manifesto.image
1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? What is your favourite area of expertise as a speaker?
My favourite expertise is within the creative industry: Advertising, Design, Branding. And entrepreneurs: starting companies, motivational topics and sports & entertainment

2. Why are conferences important today?
Conferences today are all about networking, new and relevant information, dfferent perspectives from like-minded individuals and repurposable content

3. How would you like to see conferences change more in the future? Have you noticed any
significant trends in the meetings industry in the wake of digital/mobile developments?)
– More interactivity
– Breakout sessions
– One-on-on access to speakers
– Follow throughs should not be one and done. Speakers/events should create portals or outlets to maintain dialogue with attendees and participants.

4. Your advice to aspiring speakers?
There’s only one you. Put on a show that comes from the heart
And finally, people are there to learn from you, and not watch you fail, so read the room, and feed off it’s energy. Be approachable and interactive.

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