Speak The Future: Mark French, CEO, Inventor of Court Grip™ and Serial Entrepreneur

Conferize’s “Speak the Future” series features speakers who are currently changing the conference world. We are passionate about sharing their ideas, right here. For more info check out our “Speak the Future” Manifesto.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Mark French is the inventor and founder of Court Grip™, an NBA endorsed formula and delivery system which gives traction to athletes’ shoes, propelling their performance on the court. Recognised as one of the most innovative young entrepreneurs, Mark has developed industry changing businesses in the media, consumer goods and sports industries. He has keynoted many media industry events as an expert in Alternative Media, Programming and Strategic Marketing, as well as appearing as a speaker at universities and business schools across America. Mark has featured on FOX Business News, NBC, The New York Times, ESPN and The Today Show. Today, he shared some of his speaker-wisdom with Conferize.

What is your favorite area of expertise as a speaker?
- An inside look at working with celebrities and athletes to drive your business
- Keys to strategic and impactful marketing even with limited budget
- Having Your Business Acquired: Things to look out for to ensure optimal valuation
- How to ensure you are identifying the white space with your business
- Keys to developing the right business model
- Importance on launching your business with the right team of “Partners”.
- Tutorial on picking the right partners to ensure your long-term business success

Why are conferences important today?
Networking, learning from others who have been down the same path you are venturing on and motivation.
How would you like to see conferences change more in the future? 
I think conferences can evolve to be more interactive, where a real problem/ challenge from one of the attendees can be addressed by presenters or panels. I think seeing how an expert can weigh in (in-real time) can be extremely entertaining, informative and fun for the audience.
Your advice to aspiring speakers?
Talk more about the challenges you faced, vs. your success. It is much more interesting to hear how people overcame obstacles.
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