Speak the Future: Interview with Filip Wallberg, Journalist

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Advice to aspiring speakers? 

Only talk about topics and projects you are passionate about.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? I am a reporter with passion for social media, data journalism and web development. Right now, I teach digital journalism at University of Southern Denmark. My main research and teaching focus is how reporters can use social media in journalism and optimise content for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

What is your favorite area of expertise to present?

I love to present my project ”I Like”: A continuous study into what content from Danish news media users are sharing, liking and commenting on social media platforms. The project has collected 21 million interactions from Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc, and proves what content users are distributing.

How did you find public speaking?

I love to tell people stories. Thats why I became a reporter, so public speaking is almost natural to me.

What have been some of the key conferences you’ve attended or participated in?

TED 2013 is most certainly the key conference I have attended. It was so intense yet relaxed. Everybody talked to the person sitting next to them.

Why do you think conferences are important today?

Conferences are important today for two reasons:

1: You can focus your brain on new knowledge without the daily interruptions.

2: You get to meet some inspiring people and expand your network.

Have you noticed any significant trends in the meetings industry in the wake of digital/mobile developments?

We should learn to turn off our mobile devices and focus on the people around us and in front of us. Technology is great but real human interaction is considerably more powerful.

How would you like to see conferences change more in the future?

Conferences need to disrupt everyday life. So, more focus on human interaction and less focus on social media. You attend a conference to be inspired and not to brag on Twitter.

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